Code of Conduct

All Chop's members are required to agree to a Code of Conduct which ensures that Chop's remains a safe, respectful and fun places for teens.

As a club member I agree to be responsible for my choices and respectful to myself, those around me, my environment, Chop’s Teen Club and the neighbors.

I will respect myself by:

  • Not using or distributing tobacco, drugs, alcohol or weapons in or near Chop’s Teen Club
  • Choosing my words; not swearing, hurting others or provoking conflict
  • Alerting a responsible adult about inappropriate touching, behavior or conduct by anyone - this includes members, staff, volunteers or anyone else
  • Acting with honor by not stealing, cheating or lying
  • Striving to keep a positive attitude about events occurring around me
  • Participating at least twice yearly by voicing my opinions at a Chop’s Member Meeting
  • Being aware of my personal belongings and keeping my valuables with me or in the lockers at all times.

I will respect others by:

  • Respecting other peoples’ personal space and boundaries
  • Avoiding and discouraging violence and harassment around me
  • Respecting other people’s property, possessions and ideas
  • Treating others how I want to be treated and working out conflicts in non-violent ways.

I will respect my own environment by:

  • Using garbage cans for trash and recycling my bottles and cans
  • Keeping the building free of vandalism and graffiti
  • Not chewing gum in the building
  • Properly disposing of trash when in Chop's neighborhood