Our Team

Chop's Board and staff mentors are passionate, caring adults who are dedicated to supporting Sonoma County youth.

board of directors

Top row from the left: Ann Butterfield, Brian Sosnowchik, Christy Qabazard and Jeannie Schulz

Middle row from the left: Karl Grimm, KC Chandara, Michael Tonjum and Oscar Pardo

Bottom row from the left: Patricia Biagi, Ray Navarro, Stacey Gilligan and Suzanne Knowlton

administrative staff

Top row from the left: Lorez Bailey, Executive Director; Brenda Russell, Finance Manager and Koy Stewart, Director of Operations and IT

Middle row from the left: Melissa Stewart, Program and Events Director; Taylor Krenwinkle, Program and Outreach Manager and Alexis Geers, Fund Development & Marketing Manager

Bottom row: Stacy Dolan, Administrative Assistant

program Coordinators

Top row from the left: Sam Wright, Technology Coordinator; DeBi Tucker, Art Studio Coordinator; Jessica Agundez, Program Coordinator

Bottom row from the left: Lena Sedlik, Cafe Coordinator; Robert Power, Supervisor; Patti Dim, Sports Coordinator

Staff mentors

Top row from the left: Bill Donahue, Ceramics Specialist; Ashley Strain, Cafe Assistant; Hayden Henderson, Technology Specialist; Michael Kelly, Art Specialist

Bottom row from the left: Angelica Blancas, Mims, Art Specialist and Lobby Assistant; Phil Dwight, Music Specialist; Josh Thomas, Program Aide

Interested in joining Chop's amazing team of staff mentors? Click here to view all available positions or send an email to put your resume on file.